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Anyone interested in one of our puppies needs to complete and return the questionnaire and we get back to people in the order they are received, once puppies are born.

Thank you for your interest in a Paddington Labrador Retriever. The following questionnaire is quite extensive, and may require considerable thought to complete, but it is important to us that you get the puppy that is best suited to your family and its lifestyle, this questionnaire helps us to do that. We combine our own observations with professional Puppy Aptitude Testing when the pups are 49 days old to get as clear a picture as possible of the various characteristics of the puppies. To get a better idea of what you are looking for and the puppy that would be best for you, it would be helpful if you could answer the questions to the best of your ability. In addition, there are a lot of things to think about before committing to a puppy, and we’ve tried to outline some of them here for your consideration.

Feel free to skip the irrelevant questions and use the back if you run out of space.

You may either print this out and mail it to us, or copy it into an e-mail an fill it out there.

Your Name:



E-mail address:

Name(s) of other adults in the household:

Do you have a color/gender preference for your puppy. What is it and why?

Names and ages of children in the household:

Tell me about the children and how they feel about getting a puppy. Any concerns?

Other pets in the household:

Have you and other family members owned a dog before? What breed(s)? What other experience have you had with dogs?

Why do you want a Labrador?

Who will be the puppy’s main caregiver? If it is a child, are the adults willing to take over if/when the child is unable or unwilling to attend to the pup?

Labradors shed quite a bit, twice a year, so chances are there will be more vacuuming to do, as well as yard cleanup, feeding, exercising, training, grooming, trips to the vet, blanket/bedding washing, cleaning muddy footprints etc.

What role do you see your dog playing in your family?

What activities do you and your family expect to share with your dog?

Will you allow your dog on the furniture?

What would be the characteristics of your ideal dog?

How would you describe your own personality–in general terms–and the overall personalities of family members?

Do you own your home? If not, do you have your landlord’s/condo association’s written permission to keep a dog?

Do you have a yard? Is it or will it or some portion be fenced? If not, how will you keep your pup safe when he is outside?

Will someone be home during the day?

Where will the puppy stay when no one is home?

How will you cope with housetraining issues when you are not home?

Do you have a crate and an understanding of its role in dog training?

Will your dog accompany you on vacation? If not, what plans have you made for the dog while you are away?

Have you found a veterinarian you are comfortable with?

Have you spoken with any dog trainers in your area to find out what classes are available? At a minimum puppies must be enrolled in a “kindergarten” class.

Are you planning to spay/neuter your dog?

Are you planning to compete with your dog in any formal sense? If so, in what events?

Please add any thoughts, comments or questions you might have.