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Paddington's Peregrin Took, CGC

Ch Blackdux Knight Moves JH X  Paddington's Majestx Kiara (Pointed)


Ch Blackdux Knight Moves JH
 Ch Chelons Mac the Knight JH, WC, CD, CGC
Ch Chelons Sleepless Knight CD, WC, JH
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 Cobb's Yellow Frenzy
 Cdn Ch Dixieland's Windy Sailin
 Ch Daveog's Silky Beau WC
Sandcrest Scat Cat
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 Anderscroft Molechunkmunk
 Princess Ashley Sandylands
 Am/Cdn Ch Sandylands Rip Van Winkle
 Shababalands Wild Wild West
 Paddington's Majestx Kiara (Pointed)
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Ch Guidelines Copyright
Eng Sh Ch Rocheby Royal Oak
 Cambremer Copy Cat
 Guidelines Mondi
 Novacroft Buster
 Guidelines Make No Doubt
 Ch Paddington's Flying Nun
 Majestx Come by Chance CD
 Ch Blackdux Knight Moves JH
 Majestx Autumn Blaze
 Cdn Ch Paddington's Phantom
 Cdn Ch Waterdog's Raider of Ebonylane
 Cdn Ch Lindenhall's Paddington Gold Am/Cdn CD


Optigen A

DNA Test Report May 14, 2004

Owner's Name and Address:
Sarah Lofgren
80 Richardson's Corner Road
Charlton, MA 01507

Registered Name: Paddington's Peregrin Took
Registration #: SR045813/04
Tattoo/Chip #: SR04581304
Call Name: Pippin
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Date of Birth: December 12, 2002
Optigen Accession #: 04-1935
Gender: Male

Test Performed: prcd test for PRA

Test Results: Pattern/Genotype A1

Risk Group: Normal

Risk for developing prcd form of PRA: Pattern A1 dogs of your breed are statistically normal for prcd-PRA and are not expected to develop prcd-PRA or this disease or pass it to offspring. No known Pattern A1 dog has developed prcd-PRA or produced prcd-PRA-affected offspring, and no known prcd-PRA-affected dog has tested Pattern A1. There is a low theoretical chance that a Pattern A1 dog could have a false negative result and therefore be a carrier (risk is less than 0.5%) or even be affected (risk is less than 0.0025%). So far, the only inherited PRA disease known in this breed is the prcd form of PRA.

Signifance for breeding: Pattern A1 dogs can be bred to any dog and, with at least 99.5% confidence, will not produce pups affected by the prcd form of PRA.

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767 Warren Road, Suite 300, Ithaca, New York 14850
Tel: 607 257 0301
Fax: 607 257 0353

Here is a link to Pippin's sister's page at CHUCKLEBROOK LABRADORS


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